Come and roast with us

Roast your own coffee

As a partner you will be tapping into our experience and knowledge with your own weekly roasting time-slot, located in Newbridge Edinburgh under 30 min from Edinburgh’s city centre and just under 1 hour from Glasgow. You will have access to our professional roasting space equipped with all necessary roasting equipment, maintained for your peace of mind, with space to store green coffee and any other equipment. 

We'll take care of all roastery maintenance, and warm up/cool down protocol so you can get on with whats important to you. 

As a partner you will:

  • Have access to our Giesen W6A
  • Have access to all other necessary roasting equipment (i.e. Scales, buckets etc)
  • Be among coffee professionals with a wealth of roasting knowledge from our Director of coffee and SCA (Intermediate Level) certified roasters, under Mortan Munchow.
  • Be guided through coffee QC with a Q arabica grader
  • Be assisted by  coffee professionals ensuring quality coffee selection (how to select green coffee)
  • Be able to access advice on roasting profiles from our professionals
  • Have access to our Library of coffee books
  • Instructed on how to use all roasting and brewing equipment
  • Instructed on how to set up a roast plan to increase efficiency.
  • Have access to a 2 group espresso machine, Kees Van Der Western Mirage Duetto.
  • Have access to brewing tools
  • Have access to cupping equipment 

    Each roasting partner will have access to the roastery for a 4 hour allocated slot, unless otherwise appointed. Each roasting partner will be responsible for their own time, ensuring allocated times are met and the space is used efficiently. We will be present to assist with roasting efficiency and will do our best to ensure effective use of the space.

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