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Izuba Natural

Izuba Natural

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TASTE Raspberry Candy, Milk Chocolate and Golden Raisin
ORIGIN Burundi, Runinya, Kayanza Province
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
Raw Material 


Izuba meaning “sun” in Kirundi, this station is located in Runinya, Kabarore Commune of the Kayanza Province.

The Izuba washing station is set close to a nearby river, providing a vital and regular freshwater source for coffee processing. The station is managed by Ntama Appolinaire, who works alongside Prosper Merrimee, the operational manager of Raw Material Burundi. Izuba employs 2 full-time staff and around 250 seasonal workers, who are all local to the station. Izuba is situated near to the Kibira national park, where the soil and climate are paired well for fantastic coffee production.

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All cherry are hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, underripe or damaged cherry are removed. Once the cherry are sorted and cleaned, it is ready to be dried. The cherries are laid out evenly across raised beds, providing consistent airflow, and height away to prevent moisture and animals coming into contact with the cherry. 

The cherry is dried for between 25 and 30 days, turned constantly when the sun is high and covered during the night. Once the cherry has dried, the now dried outer fruit is removed, and the coffee beans are ready to be organised for packing. 


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