Our approach to roasting

Our approach to roasting

Why do we roast for filter and espresso?

As roasters we look to unlock the nuances stored in green coffee. However, in order to do so, we need to determine how this coffee is likely to be brewed, as different brew methods extract qualities from coffee in different ways. So how could we get the same result using one roast profile? The answer isn't so black and white. Brewing coffee using an Omni roast, one profile fits all approach, presents its own variables, it is difficult to extract filter and espresso to a similar degree and taste balance using this one roast style.  

We at Cult look to highlight the positive attributes in each coffee through roasting for purpose. Coffee roasted for espresso needs to be roasted differently to that of filter, allowing for factors such as acidity, solubility, body, and flavour intensity to be extracted well. Another factor we keep in mind when developing these profiles is intended use of this coffee, a lot of espresso profiles will be paired with plant based or animal based milks, this requires a lower acidity to pair well with the addition of these milks. When roasting for espresso we look to enhance qualities like body and solubility, espresso is a fast extraction method brewing coffee under high pressure creating a viscus, concentrated beverage, where sweetness is key to a balanced brew. To achieve this we develop an espresso roast further increasing solubility and aiming to reduce the presence of unbalanced acidity. 

Roasting for filter on the other hand, we look to highlight a higher acidity and brew with a more delicate coffee concentration, this allows for the subtle distinct characteristics to be more apparent when brewing. We roast filter coffee to a slightly less development allowing these attributes to shine when enjoying a brewed coffee beverage. 

With all this in mind Cult's roastery team have one goal when roasting coffee and this is to create a well balanced and harmonious roast profile highlighting the amazing work at origin, so no matter how you wish to brew this coffee, know we've done our best to highlight its incredible quality.


Disclaimer: We never shy away from brewing a filter roast as espresso or an espresso roast as filter. Keeping in mind that these profiles are different, when brewing a filter profile as espresso we are aware we will have a higher acidity and it may be harder to extract a balanced cup. Using all other brew variables such as; grind, contact time and ratio we can achieve a balanced cup. 
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